When Lamborghini presented its Urus concept to the Beijing Auto Show, purists were angry. For them, Lamborghini and SUV just don’t rhyme. Today, we came across information that will certainly grow a few gray hairs on their heads…

First of all, it seems that the Urus is on the verge of being approved for mass production by Lamborghini bosses. We suspected this a bit, but that’s not the big surprise – we also learned that the SUV could become the first plug-in hybrid vehicle in the Italian automaker’s history!

According to development director Maurizio Reggiani, the total power output they are looking for is around 600 horsepower mark and powertrain could come from one of the many branches of the Volkswagen Group.

From what we understand, the Urus would share its platform with the Audi Q7, but we have not heard that a plug-in hybrid was scheduled… According to several rumors, we would rather find an V8 combined with two electric motors under the hood. The total power output? 670 horsepower!

It also appears that another engine choice will be offered to buyers, but we have no idea of what we should expect, especially since the engine compartment is too small to accommodate a V10 or V12, according to Motor Trend .

Stay tuned!

Source: Motor Trend

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