Chrysler’s SRT boss Ralph Gilles, made ​​a very interesting statement suggesting than we may soon be entitled to a convertible Viper!

Gilles said in an interview with Ward’s Auto that the chassis of the SRT Viper was designed in order to offer a convertible version, a model he hopes to market in the next few years. In addition, he also said that the team in charge of the car had even thought of offering car in convertible form first so it can participate in the ALMS series, which obviously did not happen.

It did not take much for car enthusiasts take social media by storm, saying it was done!

Ralph Gilles however calmed everyone dowm with a tweet stating that he found that the discussions surrounding the story were interesting, but that nothing was confirmed.

So, will we be entitled to a Viper SRT convertible or not? Stay tuned for updates!

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