Last night, the world was granted a football game and a halftime show who will be remembered for ages during the Super Bowl. It was BIG, it was fun, and we had a blast watching it.

One another thing that makes this event reach en epic level of awesomeness is the advertising that surrounds it. Automakers, like many other companies, spent crazy amounts of money to reach millions od people with their product – about 4 million dollars for every 30 seconds aired.

While some ads were so-so, others were absolutely great and the team here at V12 put up together our list of the best automotive ads of the 2013 Super Bowl. Enjoy!

Hyundai – “Epic Play date”

Toyota – “Wish Granted”

Hyundai – “Stuck”
< Jeep “Whole Again”

Ram – “Farmer”

Kia – “Space Babies”

Audi – “Prom”

Mercedes-Benz – “Kate Upton Washes A Car”

Fiat – “Topless”

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