John Krafcik, the chief executive of Hyundai’s U.S. division, gave a very interesting interview to Automobile Magazine which gives us a glimpse of things to come for the Genesis.

Mr. Krafcik said that the completely redesigned sedan will bepresented during the year, and will be available for the first time with the AWD. Also note that the HCD-14 concept unveiled earlier this month is not a preview of the upcoming Genesis sedan, unike what was announced by several industry experts (including us).

The big boss also said that the Hyundai Genesis Coupe will offer a more powerful engine – either a 3.0-litre turbo V6 or the same 5.0-litre V8 found in the Genesis R-Spec sedan. Currently, the engine compartment of the car can not allow the arrival of such mechanics, but it seems that all this is about to change.

That should delight performance enthusiasts!

Source: Automobile Magazine

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