The Holiday Season is slowly coming to an end, which means that the entire team of the V12 blog will soon come back to work! In the meantime, we continue our review of 2012 with our top 10 most shocking car videos of the past year.

WARNING: Some of the following videos contain sometimes harsh footage that might offend some people. Parental discretion is advised.

10. Drift Session in Saudi Arabia Goes Horribly Wrong

Arab Drifting Gone Horribly Wrong!

9. Watch A Russian Trucker Get Out Of A Huge Accident, Chuck Norris Style

8. This is Why You Should Never Race Anyone to the Pumps in a Gas Station7. Parenting Don’ts: Drive With Children in the Trunk of Your Minivan With a Wide Open Hatch

6. BMW M5, drift and…. AK-47′s?

5. Jeremy Foley’s Crazy Scary Pikes Peak Crash

4. This Saudi Drifter Is One The Most Reckless Drivers We Have Ever Seen

3. Angry Woman Crashes Her Ex’s Car Into a Bowling Alley Because of a Facebook Status

2. Angry Customer Goes Crazy, Destroys Nissan Dealership With His Vehicle

1. The disturbing story of a man having an intimate relationship with his car

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