Is General Motors preparing a Chevrolet Volt variant?

According to information obtained by GM Authority, it sure seems that this would be the case, given that the American automaker is currently working on making Cross Volt a trademark they own, meaning that GM could soon market a crossover variant of its Volt in the next few months or years.

Let us remind you that we somehow got a preview of such a vehicle in 2010 when the Volt MPV5 had appeared at the Beijing Auto Show and that we never heard of the vehicle again after the event.

Some say registering a trademark cannot represent a clear indication that a vehicle is about to be mass produced – and they are right. However, we must remember that GM had had trademarked the Stingray name in 2012 and that, a few months later the 2014 Corvette was unveiled wearing the Stingray name!

We’ll keep you posted on updates!

Source: GM Authority

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