As we approach the new year, the staff here at V12 continues to look back at the past year! This time, we have prepared a mighty blend of the worst mishaps, bloopers and stupid ideas of 2012!

Which of these videos is your favorite?

10. This Top 10 Motorcycle Fails Showcases the Best of the Worst Riders on the Planet

9. Riccardo Russo Begins Celebrating Big Win… With One Lap Remaining!

8. There Was Once Two Really Drunk Guys Riding On A Scooter, Then…

7. Motorcyclist Gets Distracted by Pretty Lady at a Red Light, Hilarity Ensues

6. Watch a Woman Learn the Hard Way How NOT to Use an Automated Parking Gate

5. Watch a Motorcyclist Failing Miserably at Showing Off His Riding Skills

Standing Moto Double Fail!

4. Watch a simple oil change go terribly wrong

3. Watch an Idiot Block Trafic To Perform a Burnout, But Burn His Clutch Instead

2. No, Looking Inside Your Gas Tank With a Match is Not a Good Idea

1. Watch a Driver Crash a Car Three Times While Entering a Parking Lot

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