The Investindustrial group, former majority oof the famous Ducati motorcycle brand, recently invested $150 million Euros in exchage for a 37.5% share in Aston Martin, who made the deal to better position itself agaisnt well-established rivals who have the financial means to develop cars on the cutting edge of technology.

It did not take much for crazy rumors begin to start going around the internet, including this one.

Knowing that Ducati before being sold to Audi had established a strategic partnership with AMG, the high-performance diviion Mercedes-Benz, which suggests to many observers middle AMG Aston Martin and could work well together .

Crazy idea or founded rumor? It’s really difficult to say with certainty at this point and time.

However, an anonymus AMG executive said to Drive that Aston Martin could use more modern electronic systems and powertrains, but never mentionned the possibility of an alliance or partnership with the British brand.

We’ll keep an eye on this, just in case…

Source: Caradisiac

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