After reading this title, you probably thought to yourself something in the lines of “it’s simply impossible to hate a car of the caliber of the Camaro ZL1!” – And with good reason. However, the following images will remain engraved in your memory for a long, long time.

From Florida, this ZL1 nicknamed “King ZL1” was modified from A to Z by 818 Customs.

On the menu: 30-inch Forgiato rims 30 inch with a gold plated finish that coordinates with paint, an interior with a custom-made fiberglass dash, enough audio equipment to clear the inventory of a Future Shop store as well as three 23-inch televisions popping out from the backseat.

Also note that the original engine, a 6.2-litre V8, was also reworked to provide more power with the addition of a supercharger and other improvements.

In general, Chevy Camaro fans (just like Mustang enthusiasts) are people who live their passion seriously. This probably explains why 818 Customs’ Facebook page was assaulted with a fury of hate. The internet being what it is, many rather uncomplimentary comments (read: degrading, racist, etc..) ended up on their wall.

This wave of hatred has forced the owner of 818 Customs to respond with much discernment in a statement highlited by this sentence : ” Building cars is a hobby for people PEOPLE DONT BUILD CARS TO MAKE ANOTHER PERSON HAPPY they build it to there own style and what they want.”

These wise words represent the essence of the tuning, and many people should keep them in mind when they go online. Remember: it’s not because you don’t like a car that others should automatically hate it too!

Source/Photo Credit: Motoramic

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