The rumor mill is officially launched when ti comes to the 4th generation Toyota Prius. At the beginning of November, we learned that the next generation of pioneering hybrids could sport a new look.

Today, we learn from UK website Auto Express that the Prius would benefit from technological advances allowing it to achieve a fuel consumption of about 2.6 L/100 km (or 90 mpg) while coming up with something new that will please anyone that has to drive on snow-covered roads: A four-wheel drive system!

According to their information coming from an an engineer who wished to remain anonymous, the engine would also be modified to provide more power, its weight could be reduced by 70 kg (or 154 pounds), and its trunk space would be increased of 500 liters.

It should be noted that these improvements do not apply to the plug-in hybrid version, but only to the conventional hybrid model(s).

Source: Auto Express
Photo Credit: Holiday Auto

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