This week’s news are definitely highlited by road engineering failures. You thought you had seen it all after this crazy story of an electric pole sitting in the middle of a new road in Quebec’s Eastern Townships? Well there’s worse. Much worse.

In the village of Xiazhangyang in China (Zhejiang province), residents of a residential building who have refused to sell their home claiming that the offer that was made to them was ridiculous witnessed the country’s authorities building a highway around their home.

Do not adjust your screen, you read that right. Soon, thousands of cars will drive around the building, possibly going right through it if something goes wrong.

Nevertheless, residents remain positive about this entire story and are even thinking of opening a small shop to make a few dollars out of this ordeal – and possibly to raise funds so they can get out of there ASAP.

It seems that such practices are commonplace in China, juding by the little Google search we have made. The most famous case? A home owner who refused to sell who found himself in the middle of a shopping center…

Source: Daily Mail

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