Often, when we share funny or strange events related to the automotive world on this blog, they often take place in Russia or Eastern Europe. But not this time. Unfortunately, this “what the hell were theu thinking” moment comes our country. More precisely in the province of Quebec, on Route 251 close to ​​Johnville in the Eastern Townships.

Someone (actually, we should say several people) in charge of straightening the road did the work while a telephone pole was sitting right in the middle of their path. Even worse: they have reopened it to traffic, giving taxpayers and motorists a road that looks like this:

The head of the region’s government agency in charge of the project (ministère des Transports du Québec or MTQ if you ask) obviously had to anwer a lot fo questions about this mistake of epic proportions. He took full responsability for the error, stating that the pole would be removed from the road shortly.

But here’s the funny part: He assured the public that the work had not been botched. Allow us to doubt…

Source: La Presse

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