Small innovation on V12 : we will now bring you the hottest rumors in the auto industry!

It seems like VWVortex has put their hands on a BMW internal presentation indicating the arrival of several diesel models in 2013-2014 in the U.S.

First half of 2013: 3 Series sedan with turbodiesel four-cylinder
Third quarter of 2013: 5 Series
End of 2013: New generation X5 introduced with a xDrive35d version
First half of 2014: X3 (same turbodiesel four-cylinder as the 3 Series) and 7 Series powered by a turbocharged six-cylinder diesel engine.

Although these rumors appear to be pretty reliable, only time will tell if BMW will indeed introduce all those diesel models in the United States and, if it is the case, if they will also be available in Canada.

Source: VWVortex

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