The Bugatti Veyron is already the fastest car in the world, being capable of reaching a top speed of 408km/h that can literally tear your eyebrows off your face if you drive with the windows down. This is impressive, but the manufacturer is preparing to launch a more extreme version of its supercar.

Nicknamed “Super Veyron”, the car would use a turbocharged, 9.6-litre and 1.600 horsepower W16 engine , allowing it to run to speeds up to 465 km/h and to go frp, to 0-100 km/h ina mere 1.8 seconds.

Moreover, Bugatti is also exploring the possibility of reducing the weight of itsVeyron Super by using ueven more carbon fiber. Even the wheels could be entirely made of this material!

Finally, it appears that the chief engineer had thought to make te Super Veyron hybrid. This idea was eventually rejected because of the excessive weight of a hybrid systeem.

Expect a debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show next year.

Source: ZeroToHundred

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