July 22, 2014
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This guy will jump over a Lamborghini going 130 km/h!



July 22, 2014
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How many people fit in this van?

Does illegal immigration mean anything to you? That innocent driver must have had quite an unpleasant surprise when all these Mexicans forced him to drive them away from border officers..


July 22, 2014
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That’s gonna leave a mark!

There’s always some smart’ ass who thinks he’s above everything, even if it puts the others at risk. Case in point? That genius playing stuntman on his bike…


July 21, 2014
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Ferrari F430 vs Audi R8



July 21, 2014
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Sleeping at a red light!

Big night?! The guy is still lucky to sleep at a red light, it would have been more dangerous on a highway at 120 km/h.


July 21, 2014
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Same accident from the traffic camera… look closely at 0:13

What a moron! Not only does he slam the car in front of him but two others behind him… as I was saying, he deserved it!.


July 21, 2014
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He doesn’t get away with it!

If you ask me… honestly, he got what he deserved!.


July 20, 2014
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A dog on a motorcycle… smile guaranteed!

Adorable! A furry motorcyclist, at least he’s wearing glasses…

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