July 9, 2014
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What happened to that tree?

Hiiiiii!!! That was close! That driver must have had weak knees. Obviously, that tree just died…


July 9, 2014
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He’s surfing the rails! Am I the only person who wants to try?

In Bratislava, Slovakia, trams are part of the urban scenery. However, not all souls who live there enjoy that way of transportation. Tomáš Moravec probably had more than enough, so he builted his own “tram” by adding wheels to a wood pallet. And yes, it looks like so much fun…


July 9, 2014
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The mud pit is no match for this Subaru Impreza!

Mud?! Pfff… the Subaru Impreza WRX STI needs much more than that to be impressed…


July 9, 2014
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That scooter came out of nowhere!

Here’s the perfect example that the visibility on the road is sometimes totally missing…


July 8, 2014
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What it looks like when a Corvette ZR1 passes you on the highway at 200mph

We almost saw what it looks like…


July 8, 2014
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Cookie or cream? Choose before watching the video!

Here’s one clip out of a test put on line for Oreo cookies. It was a survey in which people had to choose their favourite part of an Oreo cookie, cookie or cream voting thing. Of course, regardless of what you selected, your answer was always right… And obviously, the one with the truck was [...]


July 8, 2014
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Who wants a monkey as car alarm?

It would be great to have such a car alarm, and you can even use it for all your vehicles ;-).


July 8, 2014
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Great commercial for the BMW M4!! A must see!

The all new 2015 BMW M4 Coupe – twin-turbo 6-cylinder – 425 hp – 406 lb-ft – 0-100 km/h = 4,3 seconds / 4,1 seconds with the DKG7. Gorgeous..

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